Join Us in Building a Stronger Community

Mission: To mobilize our community to create measurable results that improve people's lives.

Spokane County United Way is advancing the common good and creating a better life for all. Our focus is on education, income and health - the building blocks for a good quality life.

One person or organization can't solve our community's tough issues alone. That's why United Way recruits people and organizations that bring the passion, expertise and resources to get the job done. Our goal is to create lasting changes that will help people achieve their potential, increase financial stability and opportunity, and improve their health.

At United Way, we work side-by-side with individuals, nonprofits, government, businesses and other community partners to change systems so that individuals have the support they need to succeed.

To that end we:

  • Engage the community in setting a vision and priorities

  • Work together to build strategies to reach the community's goal.

  • We get commitments in time, money and expertise to advance those strategies.

  • We report back, and adjust strategies when needed.

Over 90 Years of Advancing the Common Good

In 1921, the citizens of Spokane formed the Community Welfare Federation of Spokane County and raised $95,000 to help Spokane charitable causes. Over the years the name changed from the community Welfare Federation of Spokane County to the Community Chest, to the United Crusade, to the United Way of Spokane County and finally to Spokane County United Way.